The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Rob Hodgson

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Rob Hodgson

Rob Hodgson

Last May, Philip posted about the work of Rob Hodgson, a British illustrator whose works have a really nice craft feeling to them. He uses a lot of intricate patterns in his work as well as having a really unique color palette. A few months back I asked him if he’d create a desktop wallpaper for the site and he happily obliged, creating the interesting scene you see above. He says:

I wanted to do something a little abstract as the background with a central focus that was a bit tighter (most people I know have a little image in the middle as their backgrounds). I’m thinking of the monitor/iphone/ipad as a kind of frame, so hopefully in real life surroundings the image will tie together like that. As for the content it’s kind of a dream place, a weird jungle I keep coming back to in my work.

I think it looks great. I love the color and the way he framed the image is really interesting and allows those people with lots of icons to have plenty of space.

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