‘Places’ by Shlomo

'Places' by Shlomo

There’s a famous phrase by some famous architect saying that Los Angeles is the basin in which, if you tipped the world on its side, all the loose pieces would fall. While not 100% accurate, the music of the city has inevitably made that quote a reality. The independent labels that call the city home (Stones Throw, Now Again, Brain Feeder, Epitaph and Merge, to name a few) seem to coagulate all the loose ends of the music world. Henry Laufer, a.k.a. Shlomo, steeps himself in that cauldron of fuzzy hip-hop, spaced-out soul, woozy dub, hazy ambient and reverbed guitar in his debut record, Bad Vibes.

Places is the lead single for this 21 year old multi-instrumentalist and it is a cracker. With a Dilla-esque two-step and a light-tinkling melody, the track moves like the city in which it was made. The lo-fi, VHS-cut-and-paste video oscillates between the concepts of extreme humanity and the minuscule reality of human life. Landscapes cut between close-ups of children, men walking into the desert, spacemen dancing outside a city shimmering in all its impersonality. A tune for when you want to add a little bit more wonderment to your day.

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