‘Mustavalkeaa (Soita mulle I)’ by Regina

'Mustavalkeaa (Soita mulle I)' by Regina

'Mustavalkeaa (Soita mulle I)' by Regina

A few years ago, my girlfriend and I spent a month traveling through southern Scandinavia. It was one of those great trips. The weather was amazing, the cities were perfect, and the music was pure indie-pop. It’s the type of sound which the Scandinavians do so well. Take Finnish indie-pop trio Regina, for example. I recently discovered them when browsing through the excellent Pitchfork TV and I’ve had them on steady rotation for the rest of the day.

Not only do they sound great, but their videos take me right back to that summer I spent backpacking around the sunny Nordic countryside. Their sound reminds me of a more dream-pop version of Stereolab, and I love the fact that they sing in their native Finnish. The video above is part one of a three-part series filmed by Osma Harvilahti, and part two is available on the band’s Vimeo page. They videos are nicely shot and suit the fun feel of the music. I’m looking forward to part three already.

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