ZeBar by 3gatti

Zebar by 3gatti

Zebar by 3gatti

Zebar by 3gatti

This is ZeBar, a Shanghai hangout designed by 3gatti. 3gatti, led by Francesco Gatti, has offices in both Rome and Shanghai (one of their other projects in China won a competition for the design of a car museum in Nanjing). The project is a pretty straightforward construction of a computer modeling operation. The designers made an amorphous shape, and subtracted that shape from a series of parallel solid walls that fill the project’s boundaries. The effect of the stripes is very graphic and bold, but I would imagine the lines get a little more blurry after a few drinks.

One curious fact about the bar’s construction highlights a difference between construction norms in Europe and China. According to Francesco:

“In Europe the natural consequence of this kind of design will be giving the digital model to the factory and thanks to the numeric control machines cut easily the huge amount of sections all different from each other. But we were in China where the work of machines is replaced by the work of low paid humans. Using a projector they placed all the sections we drew on the plasterboards and then cut each of them by hand.”

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  1. the7000club February 14, 2012 at 6:43 AM

    i’m not sure whether this concludes your current efforts to blog about chinese creatives, but i just wanted to say that you did a great job with this topic, and spotlighted some really interesting work. thank you.

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