‘Victor, Fly Me to Stafford’ by My Little Airport

'Victor, Fly Me to Stafford' by My Little Airport

Victor, Fly Me to Stafford is a song by the Hong Kong indie-pop duo My Little Airport. The band was formed by Ah P (Lam Pang) and Nicole (Nicole Au Kin-ying) who met in college in 2001, and occasionally the duo invite friends and relatives to contribute to their albums and even their live shows.

In 2007, the Spanish label Elefant Records released a compilation of the highlights from their two previous albums and it’s well worth checking out. They’re a fun and joyful band and despite their twee-pop sensibilities, they often write songs with strong social and political themes, as well. Victor, Fly Me to Stafford shows off what I like most about them; Nicole’s sweet voice twined with Ah P’s electro-pop casio. If you like what you hear make sure to check out their compilation.

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