Theme Week: China

Beijing, China

You may remember a few weeks back we had a week devoted to ice? A brilliant idea from Philip. Well, I thought we’d give it a go again, though this time we’re tackling the entire country of China… no big deal, right? We’ll be taking a look at Chinese culture in an extremely grand sense. We’ll be covering music, architecture, art, sculpture, design – everything you come to expect from us.

None of us are by any means expert, and it’s certainly been an exciting challenge to find a wide range of interesting topics. If we get anything wrong, feel free to leave us a note and we’ll be sure to adjust things accordingly. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the journey along with us.

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  1. lfresh February 10, 2012 at 1:04 PM

    This has been awesome and welp…its black history month so…any chance at the last week of the month…i mean just sayin’


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