A 32 foot tall Confucius sculpture by Zhang Huan

A three-story Confucius by Zhang Huan

A three-story Confucius by Zhang Huan

A three-story Confucius by Zhang Huan

Zhang Huan was born in An Yang City, He Nan Province, China in 1965. Typically a performance artist, he occasionally dabbles in painting as well as sculpture, as you can clearly see above. It’s technically called Q Confucius No.2 and is made from silicone, steel, carbon fiber and acrylic. The piece was constructed to respond to cultural questions, Zhang says:

Faced with rapid economic and societal changes and energy and climate challenges, how can we achieve sustainable development? What responsibilities come along with China’s rise in international importance? Where is the sense of spiritual belonging for contemporary Chinese?

These are certainly important questions and a part of the reason I asked the TFIB team to dedicate this week to Chinese culture. China currently finds itself in such an interesting moment in time, being one of the richest and poorest countries in the world. I’m not sure I can entirely grasp the depth of what Zhang is trying to say with this piece, but I can certainly appreciate the beauty it beholds and the craftsmanship that went into it.

You can see more photos of the piece by clicking here.

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