The Beautiful Illustrations of Violeta Lópiz

Violeta Lópiz

Violeta Lópiz

Violeta Lópiz

Violeta Lópiz is an illustrator who comes from the Spanish island of Ibiza. Her beautifully textured work is filled with personality and playfulness, and her illustrations have appeared in newspapers and children’s book.

Her most recent book (pictured above) is called Les Poings sur les îles. It is a collaboration with the French author Elise Fontenaille and it is filled with Violeta’s own unique style; combining rich colors and lush and delicate textures to create some pretty amazing looking illustrations. The way in which these images are constructed really give the work an organic feel and I can imagine that it’s a style that would really appeal to children. Check out more of Violeta’s work online here.

2 Comments The Beautiful Illustrations of Violeta Lópiz

  1. Jen January 31, 2012 at 8:33 AM

    I love the layering and mirroring in these. Really wish I could read her blog!

    motu viget

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