Recommended: Dimlite’s new album ‘Grimm Reality’

Dimlite's new album 'Grimm Reality'

Recommended: Dimlite's new album 'Grimm Reality'

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I don’t remember how I came across Dimlite’s new album Grimm Reality, but I’m certainly happy I did. The songs he’s produced for this record feel like they’re influenced heavily by the past, bits of jazz and hip-hop, weird guitar rock, experimentations with sound. And though that could be a hot mess, somehow Dimlite makes it all work in on chaotic yet cohesive mess. I’m usually shit at describing music, so here’s what Stones Throw had to say:

Titling his third album Grimm Reality might seem to point to a new autobiographical streak in this Swiss musician, but that would be too simple. It’s up to the listener to piece together a version of Grimm’s reality from mere hints: the wistful romance of “XY,” the tension and release of “New, Better Pain” and soon through every perfectly poised moment on this record. Likewise, looking for the remains of a hip-hop influence, or a connection to what’s happening on modern-day dance floors, won’t yield much here. The precedents that spring to mind are all cherished outsiders – Neu, The Residents, Beefheart, Philip Glass – footnotes in mainstream music history but, in an altogether preferable parallel universe, titans of the recent past.

It’s the swirling mixture of sounds that really give the album it’s character. I’ve been listening to the new album from RareBit (who’s track we posted last week) and it’s got a similar sound, if that’s even possible. It’s this melange of styles and historical sounds that are weaved together to create a new, cohesive something. I’d definitely recommend picking up this album if you like what you hear in the track above, titled XY.

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