Bats, Goblins and Creatures by Matthew Bromley

Pink Creature by Matthew Bromley

Green Goblin by Matthew Bromley

Orange Bat by Matthew Bromley

Last weekend I visited some friends in London and managed to catch the excellent Cut & Run show at Shoreditch’s Kemistry Gallery. The exhibition features work by British illustrators Jack Teagle, Ryan Chapman, Matthew Dent and Matthew Bromley. I’m a big fan of all their work so it was great to see the exhibition.

I thought I’d share these great paintings by Matthew Bromley that feature in the show. I love how fun and playful Bromley’s crude and quirky style is – and his portfolio is filled with weird looking illustrations of strange creatures, goblins and bat-like creatures. They’re just plain fun to look at.

Folk in London should definitely try and catch Cut & Run before it closes this Saturday.

January 24, 2012 / By