The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Denise Nouvion: Day 1

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Denise Nouvion: Day 1

Denise Nouvion: Day 1

We don’t work a lot with photographers on The Desktop Wallpaper Project, but when we do it tends to be a grand affair. You may remember the series we did with Kim Høltermand and his amazing images. Well this time around we have the beautiful photos of Denise Nouvion, who by the look of her photos lives in a dream world. You may also know her as one half of the group Memoryhouse, who we’ve featured on the blog several times before as we’re big fans of them.

I definitely jumped at the chance to work with Denise in an artistic way, and so we’ll be releasing her photos as desktop wallpapers all week long. Pretty cool, right? Today’s image is an idyllic field of corn, which looks pretty inviting on a rainy day like today (or at least it is here in Los Angeles). She does magical things with the color of her images, you’ll see what I mean as the week progresses. Grab this wallpaper today, but be prepared to want to change it throughout the week as we go.

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