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Spaceman by David Mach

Spaceman by David Mach

I am fascinated with the domestic lifecycle of spacesuits. They’re born from the hands of women hunched over sewing machines custom fitting astronauts, and then, after a brief interlude in space, some haunt the halls of the National Air and Space Museum while most lie neatly folded somewhere deep in the Smithsonian’s archival tombs next to gowns worn by celebrities and dignitaries.

Spaceman by David Mach, like many of other sculptures, is made up of hundreds of the metal coat hangers, like the ones that come with your dry cleaning. The hangers are welded together, formed in a positive mold and then sliver nickel plated. Mach immortalizes the Apollo astronauts of soft, white plush with the same cold metal hangers that are usually kicked to the curb after their serve the purpose.

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  1. Joshoua Ryan January 26, 2012 at 8:40 AM


    I happened to wander across this post and thought I’d provide a little extra info for ya because I take advantage of it when the rare opportunity presents itself, and you seem like you’d find it interesting.

    I work for the Air & Space Museum and below are two pictures I took a few months ago.

    As you can see in this photo, every suit worn either in actual space, in a spacecraft or on the moon (and some honorable ‘air’ suits) was housed here in this climate controlled locker located just outside of DC at our Garber facility. I say was, because they were recently moved to the other NASM facility near Dulles, Va.

    This fella here was Neil Armstrong’s moon suit. Again, I say was, because it belongs to us now!

    Thanks for the neat sculpture post, it destroyed my brain just thinking about creating that.

  2. Alana Zimmer January 26, 2012 at 10:26 AM

    Wowzah, Joshua! Thanks for sharing these pictures! The depository looks so sublimely modest. It’s bizarre to see Armstrong’s suit worn by a Styrofoam human form.

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