‘Foreclosed Homes’ by Todd Hido

1956 by Todd Hido

1934 by Todd Hido

1968 by Todd Hido

These photos come from a larger series of images taken by the San Francisco based artist Todd Hido. Shot in LA during the mid-90s, each photo shows the vacant space of a foreclosed home, which seem haunted by untold stories. They are filled with the tragic silences of broken lives and by the challenges of troubled economic situations. What draws me to these images is Hido’s ability to capture poetic and powerful imagery with restriant and delicacy. He shows, but never tells. It’s a great series of photographs and the complete set can be viewed online at Hido’s website.

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  1. Chris January 20, 2012 at 2:47 AM

    These photos bring to mind Paul Auster’s ‘Sunset Park’. One of the novel’s heros has a job cleaning and repairing foreclosed houses in order to render them sellable. He obsessively photographs the objects left behind by the departed families.

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