Luis Urculo in San Francisco

Luis Urculo at the Popular Workshop Gallery

Remember Luis Urculo? He’s the guy that made a series of delightful (if not always sturdy) architectural stacks out of all kinds of knives, plates, hairs, et cetera. Luis has a degree in architecture, but works happily outside the expectations for the profession. When asked about his decision to work this way, he says:

“When I finished studying I was already quite critical with the professional landscape of options/possibilities/tools I was expected to use as an architect. For me, my degree on architecture was just a big toolbox to invest on many different ways, based on my interests at that moment: graphic and space. I decided to start, trying to leave behind the shadow of expectations of ‘what an architect is supposed to do’.”

Lucky folks in San Francisco will have the opportunity to see what architects might-not-be-supposed-to-do when when Luis’ latest installation opens on January 20th (this Friday) at the Popular Workshop Gallery.

January 18, 2012 / By