Staying Warm in Shelters Made from Ice

Gehry Partners' design for Warming Hut

Gehry Partners' design for Warming Hut

Because winter can’t seem to get its shit together, we thought we’d at least make the blog a bit colder this week (a bit cooler?) by talking about ice. For the third year now, small warming huts have popped up alongside the forks in downtown Winnipeg. That’s in Canada. These huts have been designed by many recognizable architects (we featured bent plywood huts designed by Patkau Architects last year), but this year one of the huts will be designed by Canada’s most famous expat-architect: Frank Gehry. Gehry is using a timber frame surrounded by large, chunky pieces of ice– like an igloo that fell on his Serpentine Pavilion – with a fire in the middle to provide warmth and light the hut like a lantern at night. Given that Winnipeg is also experiencing above-average temperatures, let’s hope the ice doesn’t melt.  Gehry’s hut, along with four others are under construction now and will migrate down the river trail once completed.

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