Kinetic toys from Marta Bakowski

Kinetic toys from Marta Bakowski

Kinetic toys from Marta Bakowski

Kinetic toys from Marta Bakowski

I stumbled upon Marta Bakowski’s work after she randomly tweeted at me, so of course, in my true Internet stalker style, I checked out her work and found a beautiful gem. She started this amazing self-initiated project to create toys with emotion. These toys are simple, made of simple materials and basic colors, but they’re absolutely charming and I’d love to own an entire set of these. Here’s what she had to say about the project:

Employing inherently playful materials such as springs, feathers, motors and gears, I created a series of small abstract, often geometrical constructions that I animated with a distinct rhythm and endearing characteristics, almost bringing each ‘creature’ to life.

This series of experiments resulted in a collection of colorful mechanical wooden toys, desirable to children and adults alike, which prove that fantasy is not necessarily a “stage one grows out of”.

You can check out some of her early prototypes in the video below, which gives you a great idea of exactly how fun these would be.

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  1. Marcus January 16, 2012 at 7:58 AM

    While these are only toys, does no one see the kinetic energy ideas here? Unlimited energy.

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