You’re getting warmer…

You're getting warmer...

For those of you who visit the site often, you may have noticed some cosmetic changes. I started tweaking a few little things, one thing lead to another, and I ended up enacting more changes than I had expected to. Honestly, this is a path I’ve been wanting to go down for a few months, so this is just the beginning of something bigger. I made it a point to do a few things: Increase font sizes to enhance readability, take out the backgrounds which I’ve come to find distracting, and increase the spacing around objects to give the site more of a flow. I think it’s a good middle point that’s making me a whole lot happier, hopefully you all feel the same.

As for the color of the site, I chose to go with a warm pink-ish color, I prefer to call it light red. The color was really inspired by my living room of all places. Everything in here (I’m currently writing this from my couch) is filled with warm reds and oranges and yellows. With such a warm color palette, it really makes all of the images on the site pop so much more than any other color, which trust me, I tried them all. The other reason I chose light red was, why not? It’s different, it’s daring, and I can’t think of any other big design-centric websites would make the same decision. I also think including the bright red-orange link color helps bring the palette together well.

These changes are only cosmetic, and I can’t wait to implement the other changes I have in mind. These changes will elevate the site into something much better than what it currently, I totally can’t wait. Thanks for sticking along for the ride, I hope you dig what I’m doing.

January 3, 2012 / By