Hello 2012, it’s nice to meet you

Sunrise at Joshua Tree

I’m still amazed that 2011 has come and gone so quickly. Nearly a year ago Kyle and I were moving into a new apartment together, boxes all over the place, a new life beginning for the both of us. 2011 was good to me. I started Los Angeles, I’m Yours with the help of Kyle, we adopted an adorable dog, and I got a new day job working at Disney. I don’t have much to complain about, you know what I mean? I guess my life is on the top part of the wheel right now, and for that I’m extremely thankful.

I’m also rather excited to get into 2012. The Fox Is Black turns 5 in April, which is a huge milestone for me. It’s crazy to think I’ve been doing this for so long, and had the opportunity to meet and work with so many rad people. Being on vacation for the last two weeks I’ve realized how much more there still is to do, that I’ve still got a lot of big ideas to achieve, hopefully this is the year it happens. I also turn 30 in August, which is another exciting milestone in my life. I don’t have any fear about getting older, in fact it’s turned into the opposite, I enjoy getting older. Every year I learn more, what I like and dislike, and the path I travel takes shape even more clearly.

I need to give a big thanks to Kyle, for being here, always. A big thanks to Alex and Danica, for being the first writers I ever brought on and for doing such an amazing job. And to Philip and Alec for continuing to post interesting things that I would never write about on my own. Working with such great folks really helps the site grow into something even better.

2012 is going to be good. The site is going to be redesigned soon. It’ll be cleaner, simpler, and I’ll be sharing a lot more of the things I see. That’s really important to me, sharing things which are special. I see a lot of people out their spinning their wheels on bullshit projects, and it really bums me out. I hope everyone takes the time in 2012 to look at what their doing and make sure that it’s helping people or making the world a much more beautiful place to live in. Our time is finite, so don’t waste it. Have a good year. Be good to one another. Thanks for reading.

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