‘The Great Divide’ by Nich Hance McElroy

Nich Hance McElroy

Nich Hance McElroy

‘The Great Divide’ is a new series of images from the Seattle-based photographer Nich Hance McElroy. McElroy has an eye for capturing the hardship seen in nature and nearly every image he takes shows the landscape at it’s most unforgiving. Yet his photographs also show the beauty that exists within this grim world too. There are horses, mountains and vintage cars to be seen amid these surroundings.

Like any great photographer, McElroy allows us to enter his world and shows it to us through his own eyes. It may be a troubling place but it is also filled with beauty and splendor and it would seem that McElroy wouldn’t want it any other way. Make sure to check out the full series of ‘The Great Divide’ here as it comes highly recommended.

December 21, 2011 / By