The ‘Bambi’ Table by Caroline Olsson

Bambi by Caroline Olsson

Bambi by Caroline Olsson

Bambi by Caroline Olsson

This table by Norwegian designer Caroline Olsson is both beautiful and clever. Made of birch, the table works quite literally on two levels – turning from a dining table to a coffee table by simply folding its legs.

Caroline explains that the inspiration for the design came from the anatomy of the knee, and the way in which the bones can only bend in one way. She adds, that once the table is folded down it starts to look like “a small foal who has bent its legs and laid down to rest in the meadow”. It’s an elegently simple idea and it wears its title of ‘Bambi’ with suitable charm.

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  1. Zanni December 20, 2011 at 12:37 PM

    This table is gorgeous. I was on the hunt for convertible dining to coffee tables for 6 months & couldn’t find any that were great looking/any at all. In the past few weeks they have been starting to show up everywhere I look! Of course after I recently purchased two separate tables, bummer.

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