The Incredible Lego Houses of Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle Lego house

Mike Doyle Lego house

Mike Doyle Lego house

Last week I wrote about Lene Wille’s beautifully minimalist installation Metaphorical Horizons and since then I’ve had a number of Lego enthusiasts contacting me about work which they’ve made using the small plastic brick. One piece which really caught my attention was these incredibly detailed houses by Lego artist Mike Doyle. Mike’s sculptures are an incredible testament to both Lego, and his skill and patience. His largest and most recent construction Victorian on Mud Heap (above), uses nearly 130,000 pieces and took about 600 hours to complete.

With true dedication to the project Mike built these without using any foreign materials – there’s no wood, no glue, no paint in these – it’s just pure Lego. It’s a pretty amazing feat of design. Mike’s got a number of ‘making of’ shots on his blog which are worth checking out; I know my first reaction when seeing these were ‘no way, they can’t be real’ so it was wonderful to see some progress shots of them being made. Go check them out!

2 Comments The Incredible Lego Houses of Mike Doyle

  1. James Kantor December 13, 2011 at 10:47 AM

    Phenomenal. The snow and ice work is spot on. Thanks!

  2. Diane Johnson December 15, 2011 at 5:16 PM

    These are wonderful!!! my son who is 22 loves legos I just bought a new set this xmas. He was so made at me because we did not keep all of his from hius childhood. some but not all ,well I’m starting over for him. Thanks these are so neat I will see if I can get him to build something like this someday.

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