The sleeker, simpler new Twitter

The sleeker, simpler new Twitter

Yesterday morning, Twitter unveiled a totally redesigned UI for the iPhone and Android which in turn unlocked a new UI for the web. I had no idea that Twitter was gearing up for any kind of redesign, so I was pretty excited to see what they had done. In my opinion, they’ve completely upped their design game.

The entire idea of Twitter has been simplified down to it’s essential pieces. You’re not presented with three main options: Home, Connect and Discover. The home is still where your feed of friends are, the Connect section shows your @ mentions as well as interactions, such as retweeting and favoriting of things you’ve tweeted. Clearly Discovery is a place to discover, and to my surprise the topics have been pretty much in line with things I’d enjoy, so good on Twitter.

Purely from a design point of view I love what they’ve done. They’ve taken out a lot of the heritage design elements and slimmed things down even more, which I didn’t realize was possible. The UI on the iPhone is stunning, I’d say nearly perfect. There are some new behaviors though, like flicking up on the Me tab to see your DM’s, which I found interesting. People don’t like change remember, so this will be hated at first. The web app itself is nice and about as minimal as it gets, just some modules on a background. I don’t use the web interface often, but I’ve been popping on there more since the redesign, and in turn neglecting Twitter for Mac.

There seems to be some differing opinions on the redesign so far. Dan Frommer seems to really like it, while John Gruber really isn’t a fan of it. It’s funny though, because John Gruber also really likes Tweetbot, which I thought was clunky and hated using after a week. Either way, I’m really enjoying the change and applaude Twitter for really going for it.


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