Those Stacks Look Familiar

Luis Urculo stacks the New Museum

Luis Urculo stacks the Sears Tower

Luis Urculo stacks the Farnsworth House

Luis Urculo stacks the Guggenheim Museum

To start the week with something fun, here is a video that features a series of architectural stacks– household objects carefully positioned and cantilevered to resemble works of architecture. The fun part is guessing what the stack is supposed to resemble before the title superimposes itself over the finished stack. The compositions are simple but composed from some amusing objects. In one instance, a wig is the finishing touch to Frank Lloyd Wright’s most recognizable work. Still, the tidiness of the surroundings, the constraint of the accompanying audio, and the straightforward titles give the video an excellent sense of style; more sophisticated than fake hair usually is.

The video is the work of Luis Urculo, who studied architecture, but now says he “no longer know what architecture is or what an architect does.” Luis lives in Madrid and considers what he now does to be a “creative workshop rather than an architecture office.” There’s a great interview with Luis here.

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