Cinemascapes by Aaron Hobson

Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave, France by Aaron Hobson

Dearagon, Spain by Aaron Hobson

Valedeon by Aaron Hobson

Huautla, Mexico by Aaron Hobson

American photographer Aaron Hobson took each of the photos above without ever having to leave his house. The images come from a larger body of work entitled Cinemascapes. They are images which he describes as “close quarter panoramic” and “open ended narrative”. This is the final part of that series and Hobson has called this chapter ‘The Google Street View Edition’. As you’ve guessed, each of these photographs have been captured on Google Street View. Hobson describes these images as being:

…in search of enchanted and remote lands typically only reserved for the eyes of it’s inhabitants, but now are captured on camera by the automated and aesthetically-neutered google street view cars that linger.

It’s a beautiful set of images and Hobson has executed this innovative idea perfectly, proving that beauty can be found in the strangest of places. You can view the complete set of Cinemascapes: The Google Street View Edition on Hobson’s site here.

[via Nicholas Felton]


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