Day 20 in Skyrim – Where are you?

Maybe I’m just afraid.

I see the major cities marked in detail on my map. The road looks far, the journey treacherous, and dragons are prowling the skies, looking for me. They’ve done it before and it wasn’t pretty. It is my twentieth day in Skyrim and I am too afraid to leave the first city in the game. So I sit at home and cook.

Skyrim is a massive game. It sold 3.4 million copies in two days and has been met with universal acclaim. It has also made people consider the use of catheters, fake mono, burning their vacation time, re-arranging their weddings or dropping off the face of the planet. The beauty of the Elder Scrolls series has always been the dawning in your psyche of the games parameters. Initially the game looks very restrictive – follow the quests, don’t kill people in town unless you want to go to jail. But in Skyrim, the “rules” of the game slowly break before your eyes. It’s not about what you can do, but what you can’t.

I spend the rest of the day reading books in my new house and playing with alchemy lab. I end up learning several new potion recipes and sell them at a high price in order to buy a new couch for my living room. I debate whether I should figure out how to marry Lydia, my shieldbearing companion in crime. I think I need a drink (that’s too much thinking for me) and I wander over to the The Bannered Mare. A strange man challenges me to a drinking competition. No drink is off limits to me so I take this guy up on the offer. I match him until I pass out.

And I awaken in a Temple on the opposite side of the continent. Clothes are everywhere and the place is a mess. I guess all it took was a few drinks to leave town. What did I do last night?

Got any other good stories in Skyrim?


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