Craig Redman and Ed Nacional spice up your desktop for Thanksgiving

Craig Redman

Ed Nacional

Thanksgiving is tomorrow so it makes sense to change up your desktop to try and impress your relatives. Thankfully we have two rad wallpapers by two very talented guys to aid you in your mission. The first is an old school wallpaper by Craig Redman featuring the always miserable Darcel. It’s funny to think that Craig did this wallpaper 3 years ago, and to see how big Darcel has grown over the years. I still think it’s one of the funniest wallpapers I’ve had on the site, especially because Craig is Australian.

Then we have Ed Nacional’s turkey day inspired doodle which I saw one day and it made me laugh, so he was rad enough to turn it into a wallpaper. This one is the minimalist Thanksgiving celebrators dream, even the text itself has bene simplified down to it’s basics. Throw this onto your desktop when your in-laws pop over and you’ll be seen as festive but with great taste.


November 23, 2011 / By