The Shrine / An Argument – A beautiful, new short from Sean Pecknold

As I was thinking of ways to write up this post, I couldn’t decide if this was a new music video for Fleet Foxes, or a piece of video art masterminded by Sean Pecknold. I think in fact, it’s a bit of both, but either way it’s something amazing.

The video was directed, animated and edited by Sean Pecknold, who we’ve featured on the site numerous times, who has to be one of my favorite creatives around these days. He has an really unique vision and creative output, and each time he gets better and better. The video utilizes the art of Stacey Rozich, a Seattle based illustrator and designer who’s work is used to perfection in this video. I was surprised to see Stacey’s work in the video, it’s so bold and graphic, but she seems tailor made for this project.

The Shrine / An Argument - A beautiful, new short from Sean Pecknold

The story in the video is… odd. I couldn’t tell you what it means, honestly. Maybe the deer is a bully and needs to stop being such an a-hole and killing things? I’m not sure, but it’s so well done, and the music is so good, that it really doesn’t matter to me.

I love that Robin Pecknold, the singer in Fleet Foxes, let his brother Sean go nuts with their videos, and clearly, it pays off. The video was released yesterday and it already has 85k pageviews. So when does Sean Pecknold move to become the next Spike Jonze or Michel Gondry? In my opinion, not soon enough.

The Shrine / An Argument - A beautiful, new short from Sean Pecknold

Director: Sean Pecknold
Animators: Sean Pecknold & Britta Johnson
Character Illustrations: Stacey Rozich
Art Assistant: Natalie Jenkins
Producer: Aaron Ball
Multiplane: Greg Pecknold
Post/Edit : Sean Pecknold
AE Assist: Austin Wilson
Sound FX: Shervin Shaeri

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