The playful illustrations (and plush dudes) of Jay Cover

The playful illustrations of Jay Cover

The playful illustrations of Jay Cover

The playful illustrations of Jay Cover

I feel like there’s a very distinct British style going around these days. This style is embodied by a looseness of stroke, a care-free attitude about what the person is creating. It’s not necessarily beautiful, but it’s certainly interesting and has a lot of character, which makes the work quite charming and enjoyable to look at. I’d definitely say that Jay Cover is a part of this British style.

His quirky and fun “dudes” at top were the first thing to grab my attention. I think they’re foxes, as he uses a lot of foxes in his work in general. I also liked his work revolving around funny statements like “Look for hidden gems”, which honestly sounds like something I might say myself. Finally, I thought his editorial work was also really strong, as you can see in the last image. His sense of color is spot on and it shows in that piece particularly well.

I’d suggest checking out not only his personal website, but his Flickr as well, where he has a lot more work at a larger size.


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