A trove of Peter Zumthor work

Peter Zumthor sketch from ZUMTHOR tumblr

Peter Zumthor models and drawings from ZUMTHOR tumblr

Peter Zumthor plan from ZUMTHOR tumblr

Let’s agree, this is proof that the internet is great. To fill the void where Peter Zumthor’s website should be, a humble tumblr site has been steadily amassing images of Zumthor’s work since late August. As proof that the internet is murky, I have no idea who’s adding the images or where the images are coming from. Still, however slowly or steadily, a stream of images is broadening to include Zumthor projects both well-known and less celebrated. It’s easy to browse the hundreds of images, but maybe frustrating to try and learn more about any particular one.


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