‘Warm in the Winter’, a disco-tinged track from Glass Candy

'Warm in the Winter', a disco-tinged track from Glass Candy

I was introduced to the sounds of Glass Candy over the weekend, a Portland based band who’s newest material has a really great Italo-disco sound which I’m totally digging. Like Sally Shapiro before, Glass Candy is bringing a new take on the Italian disco sound, making it both fun and addicting to listen to. Their newest track and music video is called Warm in the Winter and has one of those repeating, throbbing sounds that’s reminiscent of the best parts of LCD Soundsystem. The redundant yet totally catchy beat keeps you locked into the track and listening for more, it’s playfulness kicking in around 2:15 when lead singer does her best impression of a monkey.

Photo by Gorilla vs. Bear
Found through Gorilla vs. Bear


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