‘Wandering Comma’ a new exhibition from Ryan McGinley

'Wandering Comma' a new exhibition from Ryan McGinley

'Wandering Comma' a new exhibition from Ryan McGinley

On November 24, the always impressive Ryan McGinley will have a new exhibition at the Alison Jacques Gallery in London, showing until December 22. The new exhibit, titled Wandering Comma, is a collection of only seven photographs, all of which have been blown up to a size of 110″ wide by 70″ wide, allowing the viewer to soak in the subtle details of his complex images. It’s an interesting idea since his images tend to have quite a lot of detail in them.

In Purple Beacon, for instance (image at top), the artist chose a filter that radically changed the colour of the sky and water, but left the tone of the girls’ bodies unchanged. The grain amplifications endow the images with a familiarity and immediacy, relating them to the kinds of casual photography found in family photo albums. McGinley’s adherence to apparent realism is not an attempt to trick the viewer; rather, it serves only to make the images that much more evocative and accessible.

You can see the rest of the pieces in the exhibit by clicking here.


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