The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Juan Chavarria Jr.

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Juan Chavarria Jr.

Juan Chavarria Jr.

A few weeks ago I posted a wallpaper from Dan Matutina which illustrated a scene from the story, Urashima Taro. I’m pretty intrigued by the story, so I took to Twitter to see if anyone else would be interested in illustrating the story, and I had some pretty great people reach out. The first was Juan Chavarria Jr., an illustrator from San Diego who has a really unique, minimal style.

He illustrated the scene where Urashima Taro opens the tamatebako, instantly turning him into an old man. The subtlety to this piece is what sells it for me. You don’t need to see Urashima to know that something bad has happened. A huge thanks to Juan for doing such a great job on this, I’ll keep posting more of these as I get them.


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