‘Give Us the Wind’ by Future Islands

'Give Us the Wind' by Future Islands

'Give Us the Wind' by Future Islands

Riding a hypnotic melodic groove, the Baltimore-based trio Future Islands is all about bringing a journey to fruition. Described as a song that is about why they are a band, this song marches on a mission in the middle of their new record, On The Water. More of an album than a collection of songs, the record utilizes a wide variety of sounds and eventually settles in the middle with this pounding beat. Lead singer Sam Herring rolls a paradox that is both desperate and prophetic. He demands you to NOT give your blessings on their endeavors. Against all odds, without your blessing, they are gonna put out some great shit.

If anything the band just wants to be heard. And rightly so – songs like this are meticulous and well crafted, creating a mood and illusionary world. The paradoxes hold true visually as well. The black and white video above blends a wild amount of symbolism against the band churning out the song, playing for you or that headless girl I showed you above. But if it is for me, it’s a band wanting to be ambitious, realizing the battle isn’t physical. It’s mental. So the song shift gears, invoking repetition and rhythm as a creative force. And in process becoming a must-listen-to band and a great example of the music of 2011.


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  1. Alexander November 8, 2011 at 9:17 AM

    I love music that sounds like this. It always makes me feel like i’m walking though a dream.

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