Achieving success the Viktor & Rolf way

Achieving success the Viktor & Rolk way

Finding success in life is a difficult path, and they’re different for each of us. In a recent interview with Viktor & Rolf over on The Talk, they mentioned how they started out and how they continued to thrive.

When you started out as young designers, did you ever think you would achieve the amount of success that you have?

Viktor: Of course it’s pretty great to be successful. But when we started out we didn’t have a blueprint of how we imagined our career going. On the one hand there was this ambition and conviction that we wanted to work at the highest level possible and then on the other hand a very pragmatic approach, being very aware of what we could and could not do. You immediately assess the risks you can and cannot take. That doesn’t sound like a business plan, but that was, and still is, the approach we have to our work. We control everything.


Viktor: Everything. Not just exhibitions, also collections, perfumes, everything. Of course we work with a team, but we’re very involved in everything we do.

The idea of maintaining control in everything you do is a really great point. It’s extremely hard to keep control of your creative world, especially when money starts to become involved, and it’s oftentimes that much harder because you’re forced to do so much yourself. The joys of having things your way and to your liking far outweigh the struggles you may face.


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