‘Call It Off’, a brand new B-side from Washed Out

'Call It Off', a brand new B-side from Washed Out

Today Weird World Records are releasing a 12″ single of Washed Out‘s Amor Fati. The track, which features on his debut album, also comes with the excellent B-Side Call It Off. Call It Off sees Washed Out venture into much darker territory and at times it feels a bit like The Knife covering a rare Depeche Mode record. While Washed Out’s debut album didn’t excite me quite like his first two EPs, it’s good to hear a track like Call It Off come along and prove that Ernest Greene is still making fresh and exciting sounds.

You can download a free copy of it here or grab it as a bonus track on the iTunes edition of the album. Amor Fati is released as a 12″ single today through Weird World Records, and features Call It Off as well as remixes by Clams Casino and Au Revoir Simone and some rather beautiful artwork.


Philip Kennedy

November 7, 2011 / By