Follow the ball in Richard Swarbrick’s ‘El Classico’

Follow the ball in Richard Swarbrick's 'El Classico'

Follow the ball in Richard Swarbrick's 'El Classico'

Futbol / Football / Soccer / Calcistico / Fußball / Futebol is such a beautiful sport. Today I want to share a video that brings an illustrative, animated perspective to the game I love. Richard Swarbrick first captured my eye when he chronicled one of the coming-of-age of Gareth Bale. To quote the announcer, “This is incredible!”, but so was the video – burning with the emotion and force of the players.

Richard Swarbrick added a different beauty to the beautiful game. With fast, dashing and sure technique, he compresess a 90 minute slaughter of Real Madrid into a mere minute and a half. A 5-0 victory for Barcelona gets a nuanced, abstracted approach. This is the biggest game on the planet and easily one of the best tributes to an endlessly creative Barcelona team. Xavi’s first goal couldn’t be scripted as he bangs it with his knee over the best keeper in the game. Nothing captures the horror better than the looking-down-the-barrel perspective he brings to Lionel Messi. The best player on the planet charges down the middle to unleash a pass that even looks unimaginable when its animated. Yet the lightest of squibbles are alive with the anguish and elation that of the game. To me, Swarbrick’s inspiration is in the game itself. He reveals the unspeakable creativity and daring vision it takes to beat your biggest rival – and the prolific heights brought by such success.


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