SUPRASTUDIO: a year-long studio probing Disney Architecture

Greg Lynn leads Suprastudio at UCLA AUD

Greg Lynn leads Suprastudio at UCLA AUD

The first time I visited a Disney theme park I was out of college and working at an architecture firm. My inner child was reeling, but the architect inside me expected to retch at all the pastiche that I would surely encounter.  Instead, I loved every minute. From stepping out of the car in the Pinocchio parking lot to the visceral feeling of riding Space Mountain, I was delighted by the attention to detail and forgot to be critical or dogmatic about all of the imagineering that surrounded me; it was too fantastic. So imagine the delight of finding a video where architectural heavyweights talk about how great Disney is, and why. The video documents the work of SUPRASTUDIO, a post-professional degree program lead by Greg Lynn at UCLA School of Architecture and Urban Design. The studio spent a year on four Disney-centric design problems. Can you imagine these serious architecture critics wandering around Disneyland?  I didn’t see any of these folks when I was there, but the next time you go be on the look out for someone wearing all black, spiffy glasses and a fanny pack.


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