Space Suit of the Week

No Surrender

DAL’s newest work, No Surrender, was made in Paris, France this past September. Unlike many of DAL’s other works, this piece is tucked away in an intimate space, enclosed from passersby. The spaceman in No Surrender is traversing through an urban terrain that is being reclaimed by nature: a space that could be easily overlooked, but not forgotten.

While intimate, No Surrender is rather jarring. The spaceman, in DAL’s signature black and white coils, is devoid of a face. He has no identity as does the flag next to him. Its highly reminiscent of Apollo 11 imagery, where astronaut Buzz Aldrin stands next to the lunar flag–but DAL’s No Surrender wipes away the stars and stripes and leaves his space creature empty and full of possibility.

DAL is a street artist hailing from China. After studying sculpture at the NYU’s Institute of Fine Arts, he started making street art under the alias DAL in 2004.


October 28, 2011 / By