‘Hold On’ By The Chain Gang of 1974

I’ve been hooked on this song for more than a few minutes. Something about the house build up, the ascendant beat and a ton of synths keeps me wanting to hearing the chorus over and over. In as modern take on synth pop, Kamtin Mohager aka The Chain Gang of 1974 loves to ride a big hook. The song stretches itself out over a full 8 minutes, almost a tribute to the disco breaks of the early 80s and the start of house. With a hard bass line and disjointed, unconscious lyrics, the song feels like some desperate lucid dream fading into the morning.

The music video is pretty wild. To me it is a surreal hair cutting party in some awesome orgiastic jungle, so if you wanna watch that, check it out. If anything it’ll trip you the heck out. I prefer the full 8 minute track (not the radio edit in the video) for a more head bobbing rhythm that really lets the groove shine. For those of you in LA, he’ll be here on monday.


October 28, 2011 / By