Prototypes and Moving Parts from the work of Tom Kundig

Kinetic Architecture by Olson Kundig Architects

Kinetic Architecture by Olson Kundig Architects

Two things I hand’t realized until now:
(1) Olson Kundig Architects posts videos to Vimeo and (2) how frequently the firm engineers dynamic enclosures into their work. It’s almost as it Reitveld never died, but instead moved to Seattle and fell in love with naturally-finished materials. It’s a bummer that this video doesn’t have any sound, either background music or explanations of the problems and solutions that these moving building giblets address (because it’s not apparent in every instance why things are moving or why they are moving as much as they are.) Still, it’s impressive to watch a wall or ceiling open; it’s a kind of dynamism that’s been a persistent vision of architects more often than it has been a reality in buildings. At least for the length of this mute video, we can see a few steel, glass, wood and concerete examples.


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