The Illustrated World of Chuck Groenink

Chuck Groenink

Chuck Groenink's Subway

Chuck Groenink's Hyakkiyokju

Dutch illustrator Chuck Groenink really does make some excellent work. Currently he lives and works in Portland, Oregon where he creates enchanting worlds filled with wonderful creatures and characters. His work really reminds me of the kind of magical places we’d dream up as kids and Groenink realizes these place perfectly, filling them with vibrant textures and colors.

The top image on this post is particularly apt for this time of year and it comes from an excellent mini-zine which Groenink made to mark the Halloween season. Regrettably it’s now sold-out but it’s still worth checking out the pictures of it on Groenink’s Etsy page. It’s excellent stuff and the zine itself is filled with illustrations, a comic and a recipe for pumpkin cookies! If you really like the top image, the good news is that it’s still available to buy as a print online here. As Groenink himself puts it, it’s “something to celebrate the year’s most frighful holiday!”

Check out more of Chuck Groenink work online here.


October 25, 2011