The Paintings of Matt Root

Matt Root - Mexico City, 2006 oil and enamel on panel 33" x 49"

Matt Root - Monument to Smoke, 2007 oil and enamel on board 33" x 49"

Matt Root - Untitled, 2008 gouche on paper 20" x 14"

I really love these simple paintings by the Arizona-based painter Matt Root. There’s little information to be found about Root online but his work really does speak for itself. There’s a beauty in his simple compositions and his precision as a painter creates images filled with elegant shapes and opulent open spaces.

What really attracts me to Root’s work is his soft color palette. His use of color is really amazing and personally I think there’s a touch of Wes Anderson or early David Hockney in what he paints. Matt Root graduated in 2005 with a BFA in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. He currently lives and works in Tucson Arizona and a portfolio of his work can be seen online here.


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