The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Gregory Euclide

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Gregory Euclide

Gregory Euclide

About a week ago I tweeted something to the effect of, “Write someone you admire and tell them you appreciate them, try to start a friendship from that connection.” Taking my own advice, I decided to write an artist named Gregory Euclide, who many of you will know as the guy who’s work is featured on the new Bon Iver album. I had recently seen his work in person at the PULSE Art Fair and was taken with how dimensional it all is. I spoke with a woman from David B. Smith Gallery (who represents him) and she mentioned how his work is more like a mixed media sculpture, which doesn’t really come across on the Bon Iver cover. And it’s true, when you look at Gregory’s work on his site, you see just how much depth there is, that’s it’s not just a large illustration, he’s creating miniature worlds.

So I wrote Gregory, and is it turns out he reads the site, which was awesome to hear, and he agreed to create a wallpaper set of the image you see on the cover of Bon Iver’s record. Each size is actually a different detail of the large image, so you should check out each one. And remember, you can always use a larger size for a smaller monitor. A big thanks to Gregory for hooking us up, and remember, it’s easy to meet people, you just have to take a chance.

Edit: If you’d like the full image you see above, click here, I’ve attached it as a 2560x1440px image to fit pretty much any monitor.


October 19, 2011