‘Everything We Miss’ by Luke Pearson

'Everything We Miss' by Luke Pearson

'Everything We Miss' by Luke Pearson

'Everything We Miss' by Luke Pearson

Here at The Fox Is Black we’re big fans of the work of Luke Pearson and although we’ve featured him a number of times before I couldn’t resist writing a small piece about his excellent book Everything We Miss. Published in June by the folks at Nobrow; the book is an atmospheric tale of heartbreak and longing. Told with a striking sense of poignancy and maturity, it also displays Pearson’s amazing visual talent and his skill at crafting a story through words and pictures. Below Luke describes the premise of the book:

Everything We Miss is a breakup story set against a darkly fantastical backdrop. A couple’s final moments together are documented alongside the events and strange occurrences that go on unseen and unheard around them (and around us).

The tone and atmosphere of the book is wonderfully captured through Luke’s drawings and his restrained palette of black, grey and orange strike the perfect balance between the magic and melancholy of the story. This book will easily strike a chord with anyone who’s found themselves in a relationship that’s become consumed by insecurities and resentments. And while the story may be emotionally complex, Luke handles it beautifully – capturing the poetic poignancy that can be found in the darker moments of our lives.

Everything We Miss is released through Nobrow and available to buy here.


October 18, 2011