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Space Farm by NASA

Space Farm by NASA

Space Farm by NASA

Space Farm is one of the newest national public outreach projects undertaken by NASA this Autumn. Seven farms across the country are celebrating the history of the national space program by creating a corn maze that commemorates NASA’s achievements and progress in space. The mazes are created by The MAiZE, the largest cornfield maze consulting and design company.

I will admit that I am quite biased as I look forward to Fall all year round and thought that M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs was brilliant, but I personally believe this is one of the most spectacular ways of engaging the public in space exploration. By embracing the popular lure of paranormal crop circle creation, NASA has repainted the phenomenon to educate and inspire. When embracing the folklore of space exploration, its nice to know that we’re not alone out there.

For more information on participating farms, visit Space Farm 7.


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