The Illustrations of Riccardo Guasco

illustrator Riccardo Guasco

illustrator Riccardo Guasco

illustrator Riccardo Guasco

illustrator Riccardo Guasco

Riccardo Guasco is an illustrator, painter and cartoonist who lives and works in the town of Casale Monferrato in the North-West of Italy. Guasco has worked in a number of fields over the years and is currently the professor of graphic design and computer science in his town. In the past he has worked as an Art Director for an advertising agency in Milan, as well as a cartoonist and illustrator for children’s books and numerous other media agencies and publishers.

Influenced by the likes of Picasso and Munari; Guasco has an amazing understanding of shape and form and I’m hugely drawn to the earthly tones in his work. His portfolio is brimming with a great variety of projects and I recommend you go check it out. Particularly make sure to look at the sketchbook section of his site which shows a terrific comic called ‘Due Ruote’ (Two Wheel), which he made back in 2007. Although in Italian, I spent a good long time gorging myself on Guasco’s amazing pen and ink work. It’s well worth checking out!


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  1. Mat Pringle October 12, 2011 at 8:49 AM

    Woah – stunning. I think I may have to fall on my pencil at this point…

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