‘Various Lives’ by Burning Hearts

'Various Lives' by Burning Hearts

Over the last few weeks I’ve been listening to a lot of music from the label Shelflife Records. To be honest, I rarely go out of my way to listen to a particular label but Shelflife really seem to have an ear for great bands and the music which they put out is strongly inline with my own tastes in music. One could say that the labels main aim is to release records in the US from great foreign indie-pop groups and over the years they’ve put out music from the likes of The Radio Dept., Thieves Like Us and Acid House Kings.

In many ways this is all a kind of extended preamble to simply introduce you to a great song from indie-pop stalwarts Burning Hearts who hail from Finland. Released back in early 2009, the track Various Lives (above) comes from the bands debut album Aboa Sleeping. There’s something so effortless in the vocals in this song and yet I find it so enchanting and mesmerizing. Certainly there’s a touch of Stereolab about it and fans of the likes of Camera Obscura and The Magnetic Fields are bound to really like their sound. Much like a lot of the music from the Shelflife label there’s a gorgeous timelessness to what they do and, if you ask me, this kind of hazy indie-pop sounds just perfect at this time of year. You can check out more from Burning Hearts online here.


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