Help Debbie: Raising Money For My Mom

Help Debbie: Raising Money For My Mom

Help Debbie: Raising Money For My Mom

I don’t like doing this, but I need your help.

Last Thursday night I received a frantic call from my mother, telling me that her house was on fire. Honestly, I didn’t believe her at first, it’s one of those things that you hear but you can’t believe it’s true. Mysteriously her car caught on fire, we’re still not sure what happened, which in turn set the garage of the house she’s renting on fire. Ultimately, her car was completely destroyed and the home she was renting, which thankfully didn’t burn down, is uninhabitable.

Thankfully she had car insurance, but she had no renters insurance, so we’re not sure how much money she’ll actually be getting. She drove a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix, so we’re not exactly optimistic. Currently she works at a local casino at a gift shop, since the economy crashed. She hasn’t been able to find a job as a secretary despite working as one for 20+ years. Unfortunately she doesn’t make much and doesn’t have any savings to fall back on. Currently she’s staying at my grandmother’s house (where I’m writing this from) and I’m helping her find a place to live. I currently take care of Kyle, Dottie and myself, so helping my mom is stretching me thin, so this is where I’m hoping you can help us.

We’re hoping to raise money to get my mom a new (used) car. We’re not talking about a Porsche, as she’s a simple lady. I’m thinking we’ll get something small and reliable like a Honda Accord or a Toyota Corolla so she can keep her job. Anything you can give would be helpful, there’s no donation too small. I’m not sure what else to do to help her, so I hope I could rely upon you readers to try and help us out. I don’t think I’ve ever asked anything from you readers, so hopefully you’ll do me a favor this once and give something.

All you need to do is click the link below, it links to my personal Paypal, and give something. I’ll be posting the names of donors (let me know if you don’t want to be listed) your amount and a link to your website/blog/wherever on this post, maybe some of you will be enticed by this. Thank you to anyone who gives: I so deeply appreciate it.

Help Debbie: Raising Money For My Mom

Help Debbie: Raising Money For My Mom

Help Debbie: Raising Money For My Mom

Help Debbie: Raising Money For My Mom

Help Debbie: Raising Money For My Mom

A huge thanks to these people for donating:
Ryan Coseboom – $25
Grant Custer – $25
Ronald Cox – $20
Kate Bingaman Burt – $25
Grigor Atanasov – $30
Darin Cavallero – $20
Matthew Scribner – $30
J3 Productions, Inc – $25
Eugen Sakhnenko – $20
Emmy McHugh – $20
Angelique Groh – $25
Danny Magnino – $10
John Stanbury – $25
Tony Proud – $20
Brook and Frances Shelley – $25
Monique Proctor – $20
Austin Radcliffe – $15
Eric Hillerns – $25
Jennifer Lorentzen – $25
Lauren Fundora – $45
Suzanne Smith – $20
Laura Frame Illustration – $15
Johannes Agerbo Haahr – $25
Sean Percival – $100
Aaron Garber – $30
Adam Puncochar – $50
Zach Bulick – $25
Anthony Shiver – $15
Matthew Herz – $20
Dana Robinson – $50
Grace Cooper – $25
Rachel Yonda – $50
Mason Plunkett – $25
Norman Chan – $25
JB Hartford – $25
Keep Us Posted – $25
Armando Godinez – $25
Harpreet Padam – $15
Sanya Obsivac – $20
Michele Miller – $100
Kristi Ryan – $20
Mary Tamulis – $10
Kimberly Linn – $40
Nate Israel – $50
Petra Wennberg Cesario – $100
Eric Trine – $25
Andrea Cheng – $20
Eileen Tang – $5
Felix Herzberg – $30
Tobias Fonseca – $15
Karen Owens – $25
James Wright – $10
Carrie Patterson – $10
Kim Jae Seok – $30
Michael Robbins – $35
Grant Blakeman – $10
Joe Van Wetering – $15
Smoky’s Mom – $18
Daniel Tjoelker – $25
Nicole Reinertson – $25
Arnór Bogason – $25
Dan Matutina – $25
Michael Duskus – $20
Amy Stella – $25
Jenny Carr – $8
Hock Guan Song – $10
Amanda and Jon Tobin (Amanda’s website) – $10
Vinciane dePape – $25
Jennifer Talesfore – $10
Julie Molloy – $20
Kevin Dobson – $25
KeFe – $50
Brian Wade Scott – $10
Fredrik Broman – $30
Spit & Spite – $25
Edlynne Laryea – $20
Vincent Marjes – $15
Sawyer DeVuyst – $25
Karen Hiller – $10
Alexandre Le Goff – $35
Paul-Laurent Hughes – $25
Haigen Pearson – $30
Standard Motion – $25
Scott Ogle – $10
Matt Renskers – $10
Robert Vidaure – $20
Rebecca Cascio – $20
Yu Hayakawa – $10
Clinic Vitamins – $25
Ian Bauer – $25
Benjaman Horne – $15
Lisa Krug – $50


4 Comments Help Debbie: Raising Money For My Mom

  1. maldorora October 10, 2011 at 3:16 PM

    this is so terrible…i am living scant this week but when i get paid i friday i will def help out.

    if any good comes out of this, maybe some renters out there will think about renters insurance…its really not that expensive but when shit goes down it is handy. i learned my lesson after getting robbed twice, and having the upstairs plumbing flood the unit above me & destroy all my stuff. i don’t mean this as a “shoulda woulda coulda” but imo renters insurance is even more essential than homeowners, cos you can’t control what your LL or neighbors do.

    anyway, sorry can’t help immediately but i will tweet this and spread the word.

  2. Bobby Solomon October 10, 2011 at 3:53 PM

    @maldorora – I understand what you mean. Kyle and I had a whole lot expensive things stolen from our cars once and our renters insurance save our asses. Thanks for the thoughts and help.

  3. maldorora October 14, 2011 at 4:22 AM

    Hi Bobby– I might be missing this (it is EARLY!) but I don’t see the link. if you want to shoot it to my email, I’ll kick in as promised.

  4. Tricia Marie October 17, 2011 at 8:30 AM

    We are very sorry this happened to your mother. Please have her contact us directly if we can be of assistance.

    Tricia, GM Customer Assistance

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