The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ten Paces and Draw with Jen Mussari

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Jen Mussari

Jen Mussari

I’m always trying to come up with new things to do with The Desktop Wallpaper Project. Though the artists are always shifting, the concept is the same, and thus, I get bored. About a month ago I got an email from Alyssa Nassner, a Maryland based illustrator and one half of Ten Paces and Draw, a collaborative art project. The idea of Ten Pace and Draw is a pretty great one, where one artist sends a sketch which is then finished by another artist. We thought it would be cool to utilize this process for desktop wallpapers.

We’ll be releasing a wallpaper on the 1st of the month, every month, which celebrates something in that month. It could be something as obvious as a holiday or as random as a John Lennon’s birthday. It’s another great way to get you free art to put on your desktop.

October’s combo is a piece by Alyssa and recent Sights & Sounds contributor Jen Mussari. It started as a sketch from Jen and then was finished by Alyssa, a simple message done in a beautiful, typographic way. They did a beautiful job on this piece, I love the style and look of the October, especially thoes weird wavering parts in the middle of each letter.

A big thanks to Alyssa and Jen for doing such a great job, and mark your calendars to check the site on the 1st of every month for more wallpaper goodness.

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