The Illustrations of Jen Collins

Hello Jenuine aka Jen Collins

Hello Jenuine aka Jen Collins

Hello Jenuine aka Jen Collins

Under the name of Hello Jenuine – Jen Collins draws, daydreams and drinks tea. She currently lives & works in Scotland where she illustrates, collaborates on projects and makes prints and zines.

I love the colors in her work and I particularly like the rough texture of them in her drawings. Her portfolio is filled with a variety of things and looking through it you’re bound to discover pictures of girls in knitwear and wonderful hand-drawn type. There’s also images of wild life, exciting adventures and many beautiful patterns. It’s an enticing world that she creates and one where I’d happily spend some time. Naturally enough, Jen also keeps an Etsy shop where you can buy all sorts of prints, postcards and zines. Check it out!


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